2012 Medical Mission Outreach Photos

These pictures were taken during a 2-day free medical mission’s outreach programme, which the Foundation organised between 14th-15th December 2012, in Akpodim, Umudim Ezinihitte-Mbaise, a rural community in Eastern Nigeria.

2011 Medical Mission Outreach Photos

The Foundation in its maiden year organised a free medical mission outreach to provide free medical services to a community (Akpodim) and its neighbouring communities. The Foundation dispatched a 16-member medical team (volunteers’), comprising:

  • 4 medical doctors,
  • 2 nurses with 1 nursing assistant,
  • 2 lab scientists,
  • 2 optometrist with 1 assistant who were in charge of testing for and giving eye glasses,
  • 2 pharmacy assistants, and
  • 2 volunteers, to provide free medical services

A total of 249 persons, who are from Akpodim, Umunama, Obeama, Ife, Chokoneze, Amumara, Ihitte and even beyond Ezinihitte, from Enyiogugu, Ahiara, Ogbe and Obowu were treated of one sort of health situation or another.

Here is a collection of pictures taken during the event.