Every year the Foundation organizes Medical Mission Outreach project, where free medical care are provided to communities in rural Africa who cannot afford it.

This year’s Free Medical Outreach Programme is scheduled on 12th May 2018, and it will be held at the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. Akpodim, Ezinihitte Mbaise, in Imo State, Nigeria.

The Medical Mission Outreach event has been organised yearly since 2011.

In 2015, it was organised from 22nd to 23rd May 2015 (a 2-day event). The event did not take place in 2014 deliberately due to the Ebola epidemic as we were advised not to organise the event that could potentially draw crowds in case of spreading the infection.

In 2013, the medical mission outreach programme took place on the 13th to 14th December 2013, treating over 260 people, and providing free medical consultation and medicines.

In 2012, the Foundation also embarked on a similar project organised on 14th and 15th December.

In 2011, the Foundation in its maiden event, travelled to a town called Akpodim in Ezinihitte Mbaise where they provided free quality medical service and care to the community.  A total of 249 persons, who are from Akpodim, Umunama, Obeama, Ife, Chokoneze, Amumara, Ihitte and even beyond Ezinihitte, from Enyiogugu, Ahiara, Ogbe and Obowu were treated of one sort of health situation or another.

To see this project continue, we solicit for your assistance as your help will go a long way in helping the needy and less privileged in these communities. Please help by donating any amount you can afford. Thank-you!

Please lend a helping hand. Many people in these rural communities have no one to help them, and they can’t support themselves either. They often die as a result of minor illnesses that can be treated easily with less than a few dollars. Many suffer from malnutrition, hunger, fever, typhoid and many other related health issues. By donating medication ranging from anti-malarias, reading glasses, paracetamol, wheelchair, vitamins, anti-hypertensives etc. You’re helping save lives today. Please help us. Thank-you.

Ikenna and his sister lost their mum when he was 7 years old, and two years last they lost their father; luckily their uncles and auties could afford to assist them with food, clothing and education. Unfortunately, the story is not the same for everyone. Many orphans like Ikenna have no one to assist them. They have no food, no good health, and frankly no education. Our hearth and prayers go out to them, but these are not enough. These kids need our urgent help. By making a donation of 20 dollars a month, people like Ikenna would get basic school education. Please help. Thank-you.

We are in desperate need to help assist the poor in our community and foremost is to help improve the lives of children, their siblings and their families. Kids like Amarachi do not have food to eat, or access to medical care not to talk of going to school. Kids like her need our help, and together we can all make a real difference in the communities we all know about. Please help kids like Amarachi have a better living. Thank-you!