Compassionate Community Charity Foundation (a.k.a. Obinwanne Foundation Inc.) is charity and Not-for-Profit organisaton set up in 2011 by ordinary individuals who felt touched by the alarming and deteriorating health situations seen in some rural communities in Africa.

Compassionate Community Charity Foundation is also known as Obinwanne Foundation Inc. a not-for-profit organisation registered in Manitoba, Canada. The Igbo word “Obinwanne” is a literal translation of “Compassion” in English, hence why the organisation bears both names.

The primary aim of the charity is to save lives by providing free quality medical care to the poor and most vulnerable people in the rural communities in Africa; mostly to people who cannot help themselves because they have no money to afford medical care, and unfortunately, there is none provided through the government.

The objectives of the charity are to transform communities through the charitable work of the foundation; and to make a real difference in young peoples’ lives through the provision of financial sponsorships – academic and trade apprenticeship.